About Taller-3

Taller-Tres Arquitectura is a team of technicians with over 25 years experience in the construction world that aims to successfully reach the requirements of our customers, based on their needs program, their approaches and their funding availability, the project is developed integrating architectural quality, energetic and functional efficiency, and new technologies and materials. Our commitment to our clients, both private and public organizations, the services and results we offer, the personal development of employees who work and have worked with us and the involvement with our environment, are an example of social responsibility that our company has maintained in all areas since its foundation.


The versatility and robustness of equipment allows us to safely deal with a wide range of services, ranging from the simple processing of a certificate of occupancy until the drafting of a General Plan for Urban Planning. Our clients range from the homeowner who has the need to reform or rehabilitate a portion of his home to any level of the administration that needs the project and direction of the work of a public building or equipment, all of them with the full involvement of the team who has to carry out their project, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a product with guaranteed quality, functionally and energetically efficient and a cost adjusted within the previsions.

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