The studio

Two architects and a technical architect, supported by the draftsmen and administrative, form the basic team of Taller-Tres Arquitectura, a team heavily involved in its goal of providing the best service to our customers and very responsible of the tasks assigned and the results that are requested. The team is expanded in the measure that the project requires, incorporating engineering, ecologists, surveyors, geologists, economists and lawyers that usually maintain collaborations with us. This versatility of the multidisciplinary team facilitates the obtaining of all the necessary services in the field of urban planning and building and simplifies the communication between the client and the technical team. Our study is deeply rooted in Vilanova and its region, but with our projects we have been working in many parts of our country and beyond our borders. We have the human, material and technical resources that enable us to respond quickly to the requirements of our customers with a permanent contact, facilitating the understanding and monitoring of the process that follows his order and ensuring that the finished work meets their expectations.

Joan Hernández Matas


Òscar Valverde Moliné


F. Xavier Serra Albet

Technical architect

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